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Melissa Bee
6 min readJan 20


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In reading some of the most famous quotes on writing, I realized that my writing goes against most of the famous quotes on writing.

“You do an awful lot of bad writing in order to do any good writing. Incredibly bad. I think it would be very interesting to make a collection of some of the worst writing by good writers.”―William S. Burroughs

So here is a collection of my worst writing since I started on Medium in March of 2020. I included the number of fans and claps for guaging suck value 🤪, quoted comments to entice you to read, of course!

  1. The best of the worst (it was probably the photos of my hands) at 83 fans and 3.2k claps—

“Wow! This gave me pure joy to see this beautiful art piece you have created Melissa Bee! So gorgeous! 💕 I love how you used the colors and the flowers! I can just feel the positive energy and love right here at this moment, the beautiful connection! I’m wiping away tears of joy for knowing you- you have made all the difference. Thank you! So thankful for you today on Thanksgiving, wishing you joy! From our family to yours, wishing you infinite blessings! ❤️ Thank you my friend for the connection & I am so honored to be mentioned in your beautiful piece. 🍁” — Trista

2. Surprise! Looks like anger + love = 71 fans and 2.5k claps —

“Oh my this just stirred up pure emotion in my soul. Your writing is flawless Melissa!!!! Thank you for this beautiful piece!” — Cocoa Griot

3. The Moon and The Sun’s friendship, 66 fans and 2.7k claps —

“I read this with my eight-year old…



Melissa Bee

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