An Open Letter: Dear Racist

Do I resolve with raw compassion or anger? The ultimate choice.

Melissa Bee
20 min readAug 8, 2020


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(Disclaimer: These are feelings from the heart based on actual experiences. They are not intended to offend, but rather to enlighten so everyone can have an understanding of how detrimental racism is and how we can work through it. My goal is to bring peace through honesty.)

It has been on my mind to write to you for some time now. I figured if I start the conversation, there would be a higher possibility of finishing it. I have had the hardest time processing the hate, violence, and death — I always do. By analyzing and trying to make sense of the news, protests, and the beliefs of others, my mind has gone haywire.

The need to write this comes from a yearning to release it all. I must get this pain and love off my chest, I have to let you know, and I want to let you in.

I have learned to accept both your subtle and overt discrimination, but when I’m alone, I am consumed by your harmful actions.

The raw emotions: hurt and anger

We cannot begin to understand the impact of racism on our identities without examining our stories from all emotions. Anger cannot be resolved until we acknowledge it, and work through it.

All of my life, I have been hung on your actions. Your words have tortured me. You have made me soak in my tears. Why — oh why, hasn’t the well run dry? I have been drowning for an eternity.

I have questioned my existence and want to banish yours. I feel the nasty, bitter, and inhuman crawl of your hatred every time I look at my children’s sweet faces. Every day, I am exasperated in worry for our children, their children, and generations to follow. This fear and turmoil will live on, even when I am gone.

You have made me angry to the point that I released that anger onto my skin. I internalized racism and thought, “I am less of a person because of my skin color.”

I have seen how some are treated more nicely than myself in typical situations like going out to dinner. I have been rushed out of a meal when I was given my food and check in under five minutes. The attitude of the…



Melissa Bee

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