An Interview with Melissa Speed

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Melissa Bee
11 min readSep 17, 2020
Melissa at Rochester Castle in Kent (Photo Credit: Caelan Speed)

One day, I met another bee while buzzing around on Facebook. I remember observing this bee interact with grace and saw what her, her son, Caelan, and other writers had done to raise money for a charity called FirstLight Trust. They all collaborated on the creation of a book of poetry called Our Lights. I felt so blessed to witness the giving nature of a fellow bee and everyone involved.

It didn’t take long before we both flew out towards one another. I read a story Melissa wrote about her son setting writing challenges for her. She challenged other writers to join in — so I started working on something to contribute!

It just so happens that on the day I published my poem, Melissa’s neighbor gifted her with a pot of hunny, and she was reading about the decline of the bee population. The three events within twenty-four hours inspired Melissa to write a story. The sweetest story of two bees — us. My heart was filled with joy as I related to the story entirely.

Time went on and we started talking and bonding more. I published my biography (so much more comfortable writing about others), and Melissa loved it. She said, “It’s great! Now can you do mine?”

I laughed, said sure, and now, here we are!



Melissa Bee

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