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Greetings, I hope this meets you well as the time has come for us to say goodbye to 2020. This year had magnificent ups and tragic downs, but what stands out to me is the resilience of people everywhere. There is good in the world — unbreakable humanity.

As we embark on the path 2021 holds for us, I wish you exactly what you need to heal, smile, embrace nature, succeed, and conquer the obstacles before you.

Keep shining light, every day, in any way. ✨

Last week, I published a story about a journey of human connection and words…

A story

Photography by author

There’s nothing quite like you, fresh fallen snow. The way you tumble out of the sky, quiet — a feathered slow. When the sun strikes your crystal radiance, you sharpen its shine. Your immaculate tiny white orbs attract the sun rays to reflect intense brightness — earth’s grounded moonlight.

You sparkle like an infinite forest of diamonds. You sleeve the branches of the trees and wedding dress them as they miss adorning leaves. You settle on the pine cones making them your own — adding a gorgeous twinkling overtone.

A layer of your dust transcends the ground into a dazzling…

India Ink; Watercolor; Acrylic Paint, Marker, Glitter Pen; Pencil Art, and Photography by author

Best wishes to you and your family

Finding light through grief

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Reflections of better days

As the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle, I stare out the windowpane and watch the snow fall, thinking of you. The tears have drenched my face, on and off, all day. I know there will be many more days like this to come.

You’re gone.

There is agony in saying out loud that you are no longer here. I wish it weren’t true. Truth hurts, they say. Your death brings a new meaning to this saying. I feel the earth tremble from your loss as the soul holds a painful sadness.

I can’t believe your smile has been permanently…

An abundance of creation

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash

In March this year, I decided to write outside of my journal, revealing my thoughts for all eyes. At the time, I was scared out of my mind. Fear, doubt, and negativity, surged through the neurons in my brain, threatening to keep my words hidden in between the pages of black and white notebooks, forever.

My stories could have stayed bound, but here’s the thing — I traveled down that road all my life. I knew what that path led to, and it would bring me back to emptiness every time. I couldn’t do it anymore.

Poetry Sunday

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Catch my tears, then my fall
drenched of thunderstorm drops
you drowned, to make me tall
enduring the reality of my nightmares
perplexed in transferred scorching pain
delivering insanity to your sane
but you declared you love me
that my faults weren’t alone — heavy
you bare them in your bones.

You magnified my heart
through a glass of forgiveness,
flaming mistaken reactions
indulging me in acceptance
feeling your omnipresence
complete human existence
purpose free from resistance
clothed me in fibers of empathy
soft set me under a sparkling glow
twinkling glittered gratitude
tranquil dancing to a sky flow
the tip of a flame embrace
leaves my falling place

Gifts that warm the heart

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The hustle of the holidays have begun and the season of giving is upon us. Gifts are being ordered, delivered, wrapped, and prepared for Christmas day. While material presents have their unique value, gifts that are thoughtful and creative can leave a long-lasting, warm, and fuzzy feeling on both the recipient and gift-giver.

Research has shown that if you give the gift of an experience, the person receiving the gift will feel closer to you. This year, especially, during a pandemic, there’s nothing more valuable than feeling connected to each other.

Forget about gifting socks — instead, take the time…


Fiction Friday

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Roger was snoring so hard a cluster of nose hairs kept exploding in and out of his nostril. I tried to stop staring, but I got lost in the sight. I imagined blades of grass, needles from a Pine tree, and even icicles, attempting to calm myself from the intrusive hairs. However, the boogers haunted me in disgust and skewed my rosey visuals. I wanted to pull the hairs out, one by one, saving them from their misery — waking Roger in pain, saving myself from the suffering. It was 1 a.m. …

Melissa Bee

Sweet Stinging 💛 Empathy, love, and gratitude IS LIFE. “The photographer frames the shot, writers frame their world.”― Jeanette Winterson

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